My the “fur-th” be with you!

Occasionally, I get emails/posts from companies/friends/associates that are just too good to pass up and I have to share them with you! The following is from our friends at Healthy Paws Pet Insurance (… Enjoy! Pet parents love Star Wars… and we’ve got the data to prove it! To celebrate May the 4th, Healthy Paws Pet Insurance–the … Continue reading

BlogPaws 2018 has gone to the dogs…and, cats!

April 17-20, 2018, marked my 10th Anniversary for attending BlogPaws Pet Conference, the international conference held by the amazing BlogPaws organization which “provides an inclusive, global community of pet enthusiasts who write about and support pets via social media.” “BlogPaws ( connects brands with pet parents and pet parents with each other, 24/7/365.” I discovered … Continue reading

A Furever Tribute

Sometimes, an angel in fur walks into your life and furever changes your heart and desire to share the unconditional love you were blessed to receive…    HaveCatWillChat has been a long time coming.   And, is long overdue.  I hope you will join me in sharing your photos and stories of how your pets have changed … Continue reading